Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce Alumni Association

Welcome to the official web site of the Alumni Association of Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce (FMSC) AA). The Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce (FMSC) of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura (SJP) has produced a vast number of graduates who are contributing to the national and global development as leading personnel in the local as well as the global economies. The FMSC has always cherished its own output with a sense of pride that we wish to strengthen the network for better cohesion. FMSCAA is formed in the sole objective of enriching the fellowship among Graduate and Undergraduate Community to initiate and hold responsibility to en route the development of FMSC in achieving highest educational, professional and ethical standards by acting as an independent entity. FMSCAA has created a platform for students who have obtained graduate or postgraduate degree offered by the faculty, staff members and Diploma/Certificate holders to build up a network which is mutually beneficial.

Objectives of The Association

  1. To encourage, foster, promote and contribute towards affiliation between the FMSC and its alumni and, among the alumni members.
  2. To provide financial and other assistance for the development and academic excellence of the FMSC.
  3. To create, maintain and develop sound relationships between the FMSC and the public, private and non-government organizations through alumni.
  4. To organize and promote welfare activities to support the alumni members, undergraduates, and staff of the FMSC.
  5. To pursue any other activities consistent with the above aims and objectives of the Association for the advancement of the FMSC.

Benefits to The Members

  • Better opportunity to get to know what is happening in the industry and participate in relevant projects and programs conducted by FMSC, which will enhance their professional profile. They could also do visiting lectures as resource persons
  • Opportunity to keep in touch with staff and colleagues.
  • There are many free internal seminars, public lecturers – will inform them timely.
  • Opportunity to assist future students and the development of the institute.

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