“Management” The National Exhibition

The Alumni Association of faculty of Management Studies and Commerce (AAFMSC) conducts “Management” The National Exhibition with the aim of supporting business communities in Sri Lanka and providing information and services to the students who engage with management field are students who are willing to join with the field of management by developing a platform to discuss problems and to collect necessary information.  Through this event, it is expected to make the community aware about the innovative applications of management. Further, participants can obtain information and services of institutions which are providing services for businesses and solve problems related to the irrespective fields. This will enhance the knowledge and importance of management among the young population and the business community of the country.

Since the theme of “Management” 2017 is “Innovative Management Applications for Small and Medium Enterprises”, it will be a groundbreaking event, which will make responsive the SME sector in the country in developing the businesses, as the sector considers as the backbone of the national economy. The following objectives will be achieved successfully by implementing the “ Management”  2017.

  • Solving problems of SMEs in the nation and ensure the highest contribution to the economy of the sector.
  • Support people who are willing to start their own business and make them aware about public and private sector organizations, which support SMEs.
  • Make the school students and university undergraduates aware about the importance of innovative applications of management to the economic development of the country.

“Management” 2017 will be a good opportunity for every person who runs their own business as well as to the people who start their own business and those who need the support of institutions which provide services for business development.