Nawa Arunalu

With the vision of “Prosper lives through education”, University of Sri Jayewardenepura is creating and disseminating knowledge for the wellbeing of the entire nation. The strongest and pride history has sharpened the haughtiness of this leading university and the graduates who were produced by the university show their uniqueness and grandeur through the roles they carry on in different capacities all over the world.

Being the “Centre of Excellence” in management education Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce is treated as the best management faculty in the South Asian region and it generates productive management graduates with a sound knowledge, right skills and proper attitudes under its twelve departments. The dream of almost all the students who follow the advanced level examination in commerce stream is to complete their higher education under the shelter of this splendid home.

Entrepreneurship is a critical factor when leading Sri Lanka towards a sustainable economic development. As citizens, all of us are responsible for the creation of an entrepreneurial culture within the country. Recognizing that national responsibility, the Alumni Association of Faculty of Management Studies (AAFMSC) and Commerce together with the Department of Entrepreneurship (DoE) conduct this island wide workshop series under the title of “ Nawa Arunalu”

The program covers the concepts related with the entrepreneurship. Especially, this program stresses the school students to think and read the world in a creative manner. AAFMSC  is planning to conduct 100 workshops under the “Nawa Arunalu 2016/2017” to address about 50,000 school students all over the country. The AAFMSC and DoE have planned to maintain very a close and long-term relationship with the students to support them in their future entrepreneurial endeavors.